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Our turnkey expertise

The trademark of a passionate team.

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Customer support throughout the life of your machine.


Our PCs are subject to strict specifications. The hardware goes through a battery of tests at several levels to guarantee maximum reliability.


Our machines are designed to grow with you, according to your needs by preserving their guarantees

Take advantage of our Upgrade kits to upgrade your computer's performance or increase its storage capacity at any time.


Our advisors are there to help you and answer all your questions. By phone, by email or directly at our Geneva-based shop.


Qobalt PCs come with a 24-month parts and labour warranty.

You can opt for a 36-month extended warranty with different levels of service.

In the event of a problem, your PC will be prioritised and repaired in Geneva.


Our dedicated Qobalt PC workshop is at your disposal.

Our technicians / assemblers are at your service for the duration of the warranty and beyond.

Pease your mind, we're with you throughout the life of your machine.

Our range Pro



Qobalt Office - Small, rugged and powerful

  • A concentrate of performance and safety.
  • Ultra-compact format in a sturdy metal case.
  • Simultaneous display on four 4K Ultra HD screens.
  • Shock-resistant design for temperatures up to 50°C.
  • Perfectly suited to professional applications such as office automation, digital signage, healthcare and industry.
  • With built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, there's no need to add accessories to connect your peripherals.
Office Mini Office Pro



Qobalt Studio - The business-oriented PC

  • A high-performance workstation designed for professionals.
  • Photographers - graphic artists - architects - traders - videographers - post-production - 3D creation - design - sound engineers...
  • With its sober, spacious, silent, well-ventilated casing and numerous easily accessible slots, you can upgrade the power of your machine according to your needs.
  • Simultaneous display on 4K Ultra HD screens (more optional).
  • Your best ally at work.
  • Translated with (free version)
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Our range Gaming



Qobalt Essence - Price, performance and quality

  • A selection of affordable components with the best performance/price ratio. Uncompromising design with clean, organized wiring.
  • The perfect entry point into the world of PCs.
  • A PC for the family at a reasonable price.
  • Start from a solid base, with or without RGB, and grow your PC as you see fit.
Essence Essence Plus



Qobalt Control - Stay in control

  • Add a touch of style to your gaming space by combining aesthetics and top-level performance.
  • A sleek case in a sober or RGB version, with a liquid cooling system. All visible through its tempered glass front panel.
  • Simultaneous display on 4 4K Ultra HD screens (more optional).
  • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connection for minimum cabling.
Control Control Plus


Qobalt Fury - Gaming without compromise

  • An uncompromising choice of components ensures the ultimate gaming experience in all circumstances. Based on the most powerful graphics cards for Ultra High Definition 4K display.
  • A spacious, illuminated case to showcase a prestigious choice of components.
  • High-performance liquid cooling for the processor, with addressable RGB LED illumination for customised lighting.
  • Perfect gaming sensations, with no limits
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Over 30 years' experience in PC assembly and design


The components used in our PCs are selected according to a number of criteria:

  • reliability, with a very low return rate,
  • performance, with high benchmark scores,
  • stability, with consistent compatibility with other machine components.

The brands that we work with and that you will find in your machines




Corsair Kingston Gkill


Asus Gigabyte

Graphics card

Asus MSI Gigabyte


Samsung Western Digital

Power supply

Bequiet Coolermaster Corsair Seasonic


NZXT Lian-li Asus Fractal