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Prodimex B2B

Prodimex B2B

Hardware and software audit

We can visit your facilities to see what improvements/evolutions we can offer you.

Safety audit

Our team of specialists will analyse your infrastructure and propose solutions to improve its security.

Customised offers (excl. and incl. VAT)

We are used to working with local and international clients (I.O., permanent missions, etc.). We can therefore offer you quotations including VAT and excluding VAT.

Payment on invoice *

(* after analysis and approval by our financial department)
We offer you greater payment flexibility with 10-day and 30-day invoicing (subject to acceptance).

Putting you in touch with our partners

If you have a project that we can't handle, we'll put you in touch with one of our trusted partners with one of our trusted partners who has the skills you need.

Project discounts

Do you have a project in mind? Don't hesitate to ask us for a quote. As part of our partnerships with certain brands, we can ask for price support so that we can offer you an even more offer you an even more attractive price.

Volume offer

If you are looking for volume items, we can also ask for additional commercial discounts. discounts. Our partner programmes also allow us to benefit our regular customers.

Our partners