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FAB-88Y6370 - LENOVO - IBM Flex System FC5022 2-port 16Gb FC Adapter

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The network architecture on the IBM Flex System™ platform has been specifically designed to address network challenges, giving you a very scalable way to integrate, optimize and automate your data center. The IBM Flex System FC5022 2-port 16Gb FC Adapter enables high-speed access for compute nodes to an external storage area network (SAN). This adapter is based on Brocade architecture, and offers end-to-end 16 Gb connectivity to SAN. It can auto-negotiate, and also work at 8 Gb and 4 Gb speeds. It has enhanced features like N_Port trunking and N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) as well as boot-from-the-SAN with automatic LUN discovery and end-to-end Server Application Optimization (SAO).

The FC5022 adapter is designed to work best with the IBM Flex System FC5022 16Gb SAN Scalable Switch and together, these deliver considerable value by simplifying the deployment of server and SAN resources, reducing infrastructure and operational costs, and maximizing server and SAN reliability, availability, and resiliency.

Even with an 8 Gb Fibre Channel SAN fabric, having 16 Gb adapters and switches in the IBM Flex System means that you can eliminate any oversubscription from the SAN fabric to maximize application throughput. Having 16 Gb adapters and switches also offers future investment protection by enabling the density of virtual machines (VMs) to be increased on a compute node and by providing performance head room to support demanding solid-state drive storage technologies.

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