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G01X40 - SSD Drive 128 GB 2.5" SATA TOSHIBA Q300 Pro (MLC) [ HDTS412EZSTA]

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Unleash the Potential of your Computer

Boost your PC to the next level of storage performance with the latest Toshiba Solid State Drive technology. The Toshiba Q300 Pro Internal Solid State Drive offers high performance drive upgrade for your computer.

Improved Performance and Reliability

With the latest Toshiba Solid State Drive, you will experience faster boot-up and operation on your computer. Imagine the productivity you would gain with less time waiting to access your application and digital contents.

Compared to standard hard drives, Solid State Drives do not have moving mechanical parts. This means Toshiba Solid State Drives offer greater durability and resistance to vibration and shock. You will gain peace of mind knowing that your data will be kept safe while you are on the road.

Toshiba Solid State Drives consume less power than a standard hard drive. You will discover you have more time to work and play on your laptop – less time worrying about finding the next power outlet to charge your computer.

With the new 7mm slim and lightweight design, the Toshiba Q300 Pro Solid State Drive is ideal for ultra-thin notebooks. A mounting spacer is included to work in traditional notebooks with the full-height 9.5mm drive bays.

If you will be using your Toshiba Q300 Pro Solid State Drive to replace your current hard drive, a free copy of NTI Echo is also included via download2 to help migrate your data.

The Q300 Pro also comes with Toshiba Storage Utility Tool2 (via free download) to help you monitor and optimize SSD performance (available in December 2015).

Whether you are an avid gamer, graphics professional, or road warrior, you will find that the Toshiba Q300 Pro Solid State Drive is a perfect solution for boosting your computer's performance and productivity.

Product Features

  • Design features:
    • Among best-in-class read & write speeds designed for the gamers and creative pro.
    • 2-bit-per-cell NAND flash technology delivers exceptional speed and reliability.
    • Toshiba in-house controller and NAND flash technology work in parallel to deliver enhanced performance and seamless integrated upgrade solution for your computer.
    • 7mm slim & lightweight design ideal for ultra-thin notebooks.
  • Performance features:
    • Adaptive Size SLC Write Cache technology enables SLC-like performance, resulting in higher processing speed and lower power consumption.
    • NCQ (Native Command Queuing) improves SSD access and read/write performance by optimizing the command sequence for efficient processing.
    • TRIM* Support maximizes long term write speed performance by optimizing data deletion process.
  • Reliability features:
    • Toshiba's propriety QSBC** ECC error correction technology delivers high precision data readout for improved reliability.
    • Patrol Read technology helps prevent data damage by regularly monitoring and repairing data deterioration.
    • Thermal Control Sensors monitor the temperature level within the SSD to help prevent data damage from heat buildup.
    • Read Only mode ensures your data can still be read and rescued from the system, even if writing is disabled due to drive operation issues.
  • SSD Benefits vs. HDD:
    • Faster boot-up speed and shorter wait time
    • Faster access of application and data
    • Lower power consumption for longer battery life
    • No moving parts enable quieter drive operation
    • Resistance to vibration and shock for enhanced mobility
  • Includes:
    • Free downloadable NTI Echo data migration software2
    • Free downloadable Toshiba Storage Utility Tool2 to help monitor and optimize your SSD performance (available in December 2015)
    • Mounting spacer to work in traditional notebooks with the full-height 9.5mm drive bays
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