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C01K10 - Alimentation 1000W ENERMAX Platimax - [EPM1000EWT]

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80 PLUS® Platinum*
89 to 94 percent efficiency at 230V and 20 to 100 percent load. 80 PLUS® Platinum certified.
* EPM1500EGT is designed for 220-240V. It even surpasses 80 PLUS® Platinum requirements with 90 to 95% efficiency.

FMQ Design*
High-performance power supply topology to use all magnetic quadrants of the main transformer and to achieve maximum efficiency and rock stable output voltage.
* only EPM1200EWT and EPM1500EGT

Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology*
Technological breakthrough topology using a staged dynamic transformer array for extremely high efficiency with the most durable and stable output at any load.
* only EPM500AWT, EPM600AWT, EPM750AWT, EPM850EWT and EPM1000EWT

Copper Bridge Array*
Innovative and patented transmission technology for direct voltage transmission to reduce the wire-resistance and to increase the efficiency. Optimized air circulation due to clear and spacious PCB design.
* only EPM1200EWT and EPM1500EGT

ErP Lot 6 ready!
Help systems to meet EU eco-design directive ErP/EuP Lot 6 (<1W in standby mode) due to improved, high-efficient 5V standby (+5Vsb) circuitry.
* only in combination with an ErP Lot 6 ready Mainboard

C6 & Hybrid Support
Supports energy saving modes of current and future CPU & GPU generations (C6 & Hybrid Mode) due to ZERO LOAD Design (no minimum load).
Multi Rail Design*
Stable and safe power supply thanks to up to six high-performance and massive 12V rails each with separated over current protection (OCP). Extremely low ripple noise.
* except EPM1000EWT

Special OC Edition
EPM1000EWT with one powerful and rock stable 12V rail for maximum performance to support systems with extremely overclocked CPU and/or GPU.

Future ready and flexible
All-round modular cable management. 10/12P sockets for possible connector changes of upcoming high-performance CPU and graphics card generations.
Full-modular Cable Management*
Cables can be completly removed in order to make the system installation and cable routing more comfortable and to improve the air circulation inside the case.
* only EPM1200EWT and EPM1500EGT

Intel ATX12V v2.3
Compliant with latest desktop power supply design guide. Full support of most current CPU: Intel® Core 2 Duo™ / Quad™ / Extreme™ / Core i7™ / i5™ / i3™, “Sandy Bridge“ and AMD® Athlon™ II X2 / X3 / X4 Phenom™ II X2 / X3 / X4 / X6, “Bulldozer™“ or “Llano™“.
Compliant with SSI PSDG for the new Intel® Core™ Extreme/i7, Xeon™ and AMD® Opteron™ and downward compatible with EPS12V v2.92, v2.8.
*only EPM850EWT, EPM1000EWT, EPM1200EWT and EPM1500EGT

DXXI ready!
Full support of most current DX11 graphics cards due to minimum two 6+2P (8P) PCI-E connectors.
Full graphics power
Supports SLI™ and CrossFireX™ systems.
Air Cooling by Enermax
Integrated 13.9cm fan with patented Twister Bearing Technology ensures efficient and ultra silent cooling and long lifetime (100,000 hours MTBF).

Path-breaking and leading fan speed control to ensure effective and silent cooling. Unmatched 300 to max. 1,000 RPM.
* EPM1200EWT: 600 to 1,500 RPM / EPM1500EGT: 900 to 2,000 RPM

Keeping PSU fan running for 30-60 seconds after shut down to dissipate the remaining system heat and prolonging system lifetime.
Industry-leading multiple protection circuitry of OCP, OVP, DC UVP, OPP, OTP, SCP & SIP.
Fixing the AC cord tightly to avoid accidental shutdowns of your PC.
Non-stop @ 50°C*
Non-Stop industrial class performance at 50°C ambient.
* EPM1200EWT/EPM1500EWT: non-stop industrial performance at 40°C
High-quality Japanese Capacitors
Highest Enermax quality standards for leading stability and maximum durability. 105°C Japanese electrolytic capacitors without exception.
Extreme Density Transformer*
Innovative design boosts transformer core utilization rate and reduces overall dimension.
* only EPM1200EWT and EPM1500EGT

Worldwide Compatibility*
100-240V AC input with automatic adjustment and up to 99% active Power Factor Correction (PFC) for global usage.
* EPM1000EWT: 115-240V / EPM1500EGT: 220-240V

ENERGY STAR 5.0 ready!
Support computer system to meet ENERGY STAR 5.0 standard.
Dimensions (W x H x D)
EPM500AWT/EPM600AWT: 150 x 86 x 160mm | EPM750AWT/EPM850EWT/EPM1000EWT: 150 x 86 x 175mm | EPM1200EWT/EPM1500EGT: 150 x 86 x 180mm

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