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B15A13 - ANMO Dino Backlight BL-ZW1

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The BL-ZW1 is a back light illumination table with adjustable polarization for the Dino-Lite.

Please note that the polarizing feature has to be used with the Dino-Lite digital microscope with polarizing abilities; such as the AM413ZT or the AD413ZT handheld digital microscope. An optional accessory that can be attached to the BL-ZW1 is the BL-GC1 Gem Clip (The BL-GC1 Gem Clip is sold separately).

The polarizing ability of the BL-ZW1 can be used for many applications such as but not limited to geology (examining thin rock sections), metallurgy, and chemistry. For a business owner point of view, it can be used for jewelers for inspecting and presenting jewelry/ gems. The BL-ZW1 polarizing ability can also be useful for industrial applications; such as inspecting flexible circuit boards (FPC) for flaws and defects.

* Power Source : USB or DC adaptor switchable
* Operating Voltage : DC 5V± 0.5V
* Light Intensity : over 5000 cd /㎡ Freely rotatable polarizer works with handheld digital microscope AM413ZT or handheld digital microscope AD413ZT
* Housing Material : Aluminum Alloy
* Unites Dimension : 100mm x 96.2mm x 20.5mm
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