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23400 - Solde Boitier externe pour HD 3.5" IDE PyroGate Secure Disk Cryptage de données 40 bits

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BOITIER PyroGate 3.5 Secure Disk Cryptage de données 40bits Enova X-Wall Hardware chipset

Complete Security with X-Wall Hardware Encryption

Smartcards, Passwords, Biometrics and Embedded Security sub-system CANNOT protect your vital data at rest. Secure Disk does.
Wiht Enova X-Wall innovatibe real-time encryption technology enabled you can be assured that your privacy and confidential will remain safe, secure and inaccessible to unauthorized outsiders. Secure data access is only possible with the correct Secure Key. Only you have the right kay to unlock your data. This solution is certified by NIST (USA National Institute of Standard & Technology) and compatible with all systems designs incorporating IDE hard drive.

The Secure key stores & protects the encryption key used by the microchip to encrypt data. The correct secure key must be inserted into the special key slot at system boot up to authenticate the user & authorize the operating system to load before granting access to data stored on the hard drive.
We strongly suggest military, National Defense, Monetary, Police Bureau use 128 or 192 bit. TDES (Triple DES) solution as a highest data encryption / decryption level.

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